Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Circuit Board Get!

Today I received a nice, purple package in the mail!

My custom EarBeat 1.0 circuit boards! Still a little rough around the edges, but those are just the leftover breakout tabs from the routing process, and will sand down nicely.

It's hard to get a good sense of scale when the board is just a file on the screen. Having the boards in hand have made me realize just how small 8/16 SOIC really is! I've got one extra board to practice, though, and I'm confident that it will prove easier than it seems to solder the chips on.

Speaking of chips, this also came in the mail:

Lots of little electronics! The main pieces of this circuit are SOIC and 1206 SMD, so I really do mean little! For example: Here's my 16 pin decade counter.

Tomorrow I'm swinging by the store to grab my batteries for this, and then I'm off to the soldering station. Fingers crossed that this works!

(As an aside, my estimate in the previous post of $3 per ear was a little low. All components for the board comes out to $4.70, which is still less than the cost of a Arduino Nano! Not to shabby!)